The Taste of Italy

Okay, you must admit, when the sun is out, there's no place like home!

And when you want a break from home, where do you get to go?

That's right, Piccolo.

In fact we can't keep you away from Piccolo come rain or shine cuz that's the place to be!

There's loads going on in August, such as Live Music now introduced on Thursday nights which has proven to be very popular.

The Sunday Lunch Special Family Platter continues to be a favourite and even though the schools are out for the summer break, you keep coming in for the Family Meal Time and we're happy to continue serving that.

When the sun is shining, the outside space is very popular for you Al Fresco loving good people.

There are plans afoot to make some changes to the space so that it can be enjoyed all the year round, so watch this space.

   Until next time,  keep smiling!


   Edoardo xx